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tv   [untitled]    April 19, 2015 12:30am-1:01am PDT

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and again, we want to have the kids go to school and i say kids to me everything is a kid but those students to be able to go to school whether it's in the summer and the idea you cut off summer just as known as how quickly young people or students can get into the workforce again, the taxpayers if we want to get down to dollars and cents but broader reach their ass perspires and most important jobs and the best jobs helping people reach their aspirations and bringing nomination to our economy and people that might not have had the access and reducing the diversities by investing in education and
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recognizing that the strongest bridge in our economy from our people to our global competitiveness and keeping america number one the strongest rich is the bridge of community college it takes people where they want to go directly into the workforce to other education by the way all of that is an essential part quite essential part of our economy and again allowing people to follow passion when we passed the education bill the higher education it was a serious funding for community colleges it is expired 5 years that's why we introduced the bill to address the cost of higher education it was part of the affordable health care act there
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was the same bill of the reconciliation act we passed the massive investment in higher education with the pell grant it was about one thing freeing people life liability and the pursuant ever happiness the free speech the liberty you're not policy bound but the freedom is the permit of happiness and the education to do so is honored the founder so we have to continue to fight to reduce the cost of education and the accumulated debt what's a troilgdz is greater than the national debt it has to change so for those and other reasons
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i'm proud to be here today to absolute our success of community college san francisco and the context of higher education nationally and how if we're going to give everybody the opportunity to pursue their happiness their accessibility is related to affordability and that is all related to recognizing recognizing how important this is to individuals to families to our economy to keeping america number one congratulations to community college of san francisco this is really a happy day so much of you what you do going come to fruition and essential to all of that i want to recognize my colleague jackie spear the writer and all of you (clapping) and congresswoman anna who is
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joining us but doesn't represent this district behind the scenes or in the forefront fighting and recognizing the community college of san francisco community work this is an important community and the word community has the word unthank you and the mayor has been about the oneness and the program at mission high for learning the growing the vegetables and it is connected to san francisco the person that is a great builder of community and understands the relationships to reach it goal is our mayor, mayor ed lee (clapping.) >> well, good morning, everyone and leader pelosi let me say this you've been not only a wonderful leader for our community but for the nation and
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it is just incredible what maybe under debate in washington, d.c. but all of us have to pay attention we literally have to pay attention and make sure that we push forward the things we support and help leader pelosi and help congress really make sure their embarrassing education i want to use a procedure i think is done on the floors of congress i want to say i want to society myself with a comment leader pelosi i want to listen to the students the heart of what this nomination is all about i want to say this as well time after time in life as it is and politics or business when your challenged as this institution has been you find out who our real friends are you know that the department of
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justice was loulth for the real friends as an institution i know that the administrators were looking out who are really going to support us in this time of crisis ultimately i knew the students who know this institution has the most affordable place where they can find successes and way forward for themselves and their families which are wondering who they're real friends were and when we formed the mayor's leadership education council the day's of hand-me-down and others to try to get education an even greater participation with the city we were singularly that we wanted to be your best friends we meadow what the challenge was (clapping) and when we associated ourselves with city college even more what
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they're asking for help not only did we want to deliver we were delivering for the very people that are standing right here on all sides of the podium the people that will be the president in the future not only the members of our food industry and hospitality that is hugely important for this city but our first responders our health care workers the people that are 2k3wr5u9 today with solid degrees that are attracting world-class companies for their delineate and be innovative jessie and i are going to get heavy we're to have to exercise you being the chancellor we're going to have to take advantage of this corner and be customers i'm glad to be here on the announcement of the string enrollment knowing that the last
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semester was the highest in the last 3 years this is a great congratulations to the trustees and everyone that is working so hard (clapping) i know that i know our economy well ways we didn't by luck go from a double digit unemployment we did something about our ability to be investor confident in the city as a city i know that going forward for this city college is all about socially with more partnerships in the city i i know that city college is at the center of literally every returning veteran that comes back they're trying to figure out how to be innovative they know thatcity college is a great
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place to be to found out what their mission is outside of the military you have many community that are truly depend on this nation's success and many communities that can't afford the tugsdz of larger institutions that are under beating debate about the tuition rate we've continued to keep this lower this is where the partnership comes and the unified school district we're forming that with our continental and forming a relationship to talk about surplus property and how best to serve the students and faculty with that land and to make sure it is a part of story that everyone can experience and we get to this reservoir site we're going to be talking serious about the faculty and students that the faculty
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deserves is is great thing whether you're a student or not to be here today is about announcing this wonderful enrollment in light of all of us moving forward on every impact of our continental it is affordable i love this discussion that the state and national level about the tuition that is so existing to us because i've often said i think this is true that everyone it is worth repeating education is the best investment any company and city can be making and that is (clapping) >> such a solid thing the more i serve the people of san francisco the more true this is because if i can see those kinds of students come out and running our government departments and running our businesses being in
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the world-class hotels and restaurants this city has to offer on an international level and running the elected positions that the arthritis have and we share a responsibility to make sure the city is successful for everybody that just drives even more commitment to do more on the affordability on the shared prosperity agenda and saying we can have the best transportation system and the best infrastructure and the best businesses located here because the talent is being kr50u9d from the best education from city college i'm here to say i'm not on enthusiastic but recognize the need nor the enrollment that our city college has with the chancellor there along with the chancellors of every major university hass as part of the
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council we have driving our businesses and doing wonderful things like having the businesses invest directly in the institutions and having the businesses provide programs like united sf with surrounding the institutions to make sure they have all the support i think all the faculty and the students will see this generation we're challenged and find out who our friends are we become a better institution and have done so in this city college with that, let me introduce you to one of the students that are part of the - (clapping.) leader pelosi and i and others were downstairs. >> a minute ago going through the pastry division i really had to fight the attraction to file
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my side pocket but we look forward to the talent that is being produced looking at the lists and seeing what i like and discovering a name next to it the students are not only learning but when their out of here with they're one year certificate they have so many choices once there's an anchor there, there are so many choices and here to talk about her choices is a student it is not only here today but i know that she knows from her student colleagues and faculties we're embracing her education goals as well as each and every and every one of the people downstairs and on the college compasses i was
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part of the chinatown hospitality and saw not only to learn a skill set but learn from each other techniques that can be different but the world-class appellants and educated appellants for our wonderful institution our wonderful hospitality industry it is second to none in all the world we have the luckyness, if you will, of being the host city for thousands of hundreds of thousands of people will be here to taste the talent of city college where you have u.s. conference of mayors and over 5 hundred mayors will be here 90 in june and we're having those graduates to go to our world-class hotels and restaurant with that let me introduce you to the newest
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talent that be taking care of herself and her family ms. lisa lamp (clapping.) thank you, mayor ed lee for introducing me and hi, i'm lisa lamp a recent graduate if the uc davis from nutrition i wanted to attend culinary school but didn't want to accumulate nor debt i heard about this program that the city of san francisco offers 59 it's downtown campus and it is non-credit so tuition free so it is completely footage and another benefit that students receive a certificate upon completion of the program because this is a vocal program the ability to develop skills
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they take into the workforce or apply at home this is a great experience i recommended this program to anyone i'm going to turn it over to my colleague (clapping.) >> thank you lisa good morning. i'm from the backing program in my financial try merit i have a different background i come from finance and have a b.a. but at some point i decided to change access and looking for a certificate program to take this further and i evaluated the local colleges here and well, i have to say i didn't want to pay $30,000 for a similar program and so for this program it is
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free of cost but the other thing i really like about the program it is not only a traditional classroom you actually are working in a life kitchen where the production happens day to day and you get live customers here at the restaurant and at the coffee shop i decided to take the program and actually after i started studying here i realize there is so many more to it chief her commitment to this program and the students is fantastic she's has a lot of former students that come back and volunteer their time and skills to have a better presence i just want to say that the i think the true purpose of community college is fulfilled
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by programs like this where people of different background can come forward and get a degree that can help you enter the culinary industry i know that part of it is credible about san francisco unified school district and thank you all for listening clapping. >> i'd like to invite mr. jeff hemet to the podium please. (clapping.) good morning thank you very much i'm a former graduate of hospitality program a current owner and partnering of a restaurant and the yacht club we are big proponent of the hospitality program at city college we offer a lot of opportunity for the students
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coming out they receive practical experience i received is it when i was at the school that allowed me to enter into the restaurant and hotel industry in san francisco and i entered in a level i have the primary skills to build my way up into the perform it allowed me the affordability and the best thing about that is a trugs of thirty $35,000 a year is a challenge to pay as your entering into a level of hospitality the most fortunate thing we've taken on interims in the restaurant currently, i have four or five managers that run the department that run our admin and human services and
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work on the floors as managers i'm a big proponent of keeping city college around in san francisco we bring in students that are willing to work and willing to give their time and work very hard at an industry that allows you to enter into an industry as a cook or a waiter or busier that skill you learn from the school allows you that opportunity to who knows was it turns into if you work hard outside i have a passion for the bits i gained that at the industry i received the two year program i don't believe this campus was around when i did was a chinatown campus but i'm a big proponent i'm on the advisory committee and i look forward to all the future students that are
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coming through this fireman that will benefit us and the city and county of san francisco thank you (clapping). >> i'm so old school i have written remarks. >> which are out of order there's our chancellor chancellor tirelessly i'm glad he thinks this is the best world i'm not going to say it's the hard we have the democrats in congress and the mayor of san
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francisco but our chancellor chancellor trial has a hard job we're grateful you're here and helped us through a difficult period and helped us to turn the corner thank you (clapping.) i want to thank department chair rinehart and our staff and faculty and to the students that are here mr. mayor thank you for showing our support here today but thank you for your support over the last several years in because of small and large ways that are not visible to the public i know that you and our education arena hydra mendosa has been helping a lot and leader pelosi what can i is about all you've done for us
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over those many years but especially over the last two or three most difficult years when you visited us in chinatown campus in january of last year city college was fighting for survival and you said then what we know to be the case our city college is too important in the community and two vital for the sprint city and for the dreams and aspirations not to survive to thank you touring and our amazing staff since that visit to insure that city college burglary be other than to help the students to pursue their dreams for centuries it's wonderful to have you back with us today (clapping.) i see the vice president of our
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board of trustees and trustees railways do and bacharach are here thank you for showing up (clapping.) and i want to thank you for showing up for the congressmen this is the leadership that it deserves so thank you board (clapping) as such seen i think maybe tasting soon i think after i'm done speaking we have an outstanding custodial require program our custodial i didn't program with one of dozens of programs at the city college our mission to provide assess and opportunity to the broad and difference spectrum of our community and students we represent and tangibly connect our students to jobs and opportunity we have an amazing
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technical training and access to every field of study from fire survives to new year's to veterans to our student entrepreneurs some who are here today, this college is proud to offer an incredible array of outstanding programs that talks about accident vibrate economy our fire survives program i'm going to debiting give some shout outs the fires program is represented by two folks that are here i pointed out earlier and captain jim xoornz retired under the san francisco fire department one of our instructors partnering with the san francisco fire department with the wonderful faculty our students have the enar available opportunity to have hands on experience while giving back i
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want to acknowledge joshua johnson another student here thank you (clapping.) auto is represented by thomas hey thomas another outstanding program are you at the evans campus you should visit our evans campus thank you for the other stapling staff back there (clapping) part of the attesting attesting to learn the latest in hybrid french r fresh off the factory floor it is equivalent our students are employed around the bay area and they call to ask about our graduates that's horror good our program is (clapping) and our football team and our athletics program jay listen
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from the football team hey. (clapping.) >> now i'm going to make a commission sports is not a favorite i've not been good another fellow on the field are in the courts but san francisco city college has made me a sports fan those athletes are fantastic our that's program does more than win games they score over one million dollar in scholarship fund for our college last year it's something (clapping) and there's so much more our incredible nursing program we have illegal e melanie larkin our champion with the debate team we went to the nationals yes go our stand up computer program i could go on all day
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those are a few of the bright stars that make up the con slaths of san francisco whether our a college bound person or picking up an extra skill city college will be here for you the san franciscans that voted to fund the establishment of thecologist college in 1935 and supporting this have done so they know today, the human deserve to better ourselves and provide access for every human being to climb higher is part of what san francisco is about and what this college has been about this is a tradition we continue today and represented this morning by those incredible students and faculty and staff a san francisco tradition and set of san francisco values that animated the entire can we and
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that's of leader pelosi thank you, thank you again for being here city college makes our community vibrate our city stronger and future brighter we're proud of that and pleased to welcome you to the first day of registration to the city college of san francisco (clapping.) okay thank you all for coming and i think that's the end of our program if anyone has any questions for any of us, please feel free we have passed tries for people as you're thinking about the questions you have a little bit of something in our belly it's about we're wanting to make sure your happy and
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satisfied please feel free to ask any questions